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We are very lucky to have three Teddies, each named by the children, that the children in the 3-5 room can take home. The teddies come with their own bag and a little journal. Each child will have an opportunity to take home their teams Teddy and can go on an adventure, read stories, or any other activity at home. 


We ask carers and children to fill out a page in the journal about what they did together and when they come back to the nursery they can share with all our friends.

Take Home Ted
Numeracy Bags

We have several numeracy bags which have different experiences for carers to do with their children. A great way to help develop their numeracy and mathematics skills and further their learning.


The bags contain all the resources needed for the activity and a guide explaining how it all works. Every child will get the opportunity to take home a bag throughout the year, if you have any questions feel free to ask a member of staff.

Chatter Boxes

Each team in the 3-5 has a bag to send home with a child from the team. The child can select a few toys, books or any items/objects they want to show their friends and talk about.


The children will get the opportunity to show the other children in their team what they have brought and explain a little bit about them. This is a great way for the children to practice talking and listening skills, as well as other social interactions, boosting confidence and encourages the group to ask questions.

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